A Tribute to Jean Batten – Hine O Te Rangi - Creative Rotorua
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A Tribute to Jean Batten – Hine O Te Rangi

A Tribute to Jean Batten – Hine O Te Rangi

Retired pilot and now artist, Jon Marett, was inspired to chronicle the amazing life and accomplishments of Kiwi icon, Jean Batten.

This collection of 18 works created over the past several years, pays tribute to this aviatrix’s extraordinary skills, accomplishments and dogged determination. Capturing Jeans’ remarkable life and history-making record-breaking solo flights, these artworks convey insights as to what she may have seen and experienced during the long solo flights she made.

Jean Batten was born in Rotorua in 1909 and died in Majorca in 1982. She set many solo flight world records, principally en route between England, Australia and New Zealand. Also, notably, from England to South America.

Artist, Jon Marrett, works with all forms of painting and drawing mediums. A life time passion for flying saw Jon flying with the Air New Zealand Army, the Royal New Zealand Airforce and Air New Zealand. Upon retiring, he was able to pursue his other passion for art.

A Tribute to Jean Batten will be on display at the Rotorua Lakes Council Galleria from Monday 27 June until Tuesday 1 November 2022. The Galleria is open Monday – Friday from 8am until 5pm.

Jean-Batten-2022-Eventfinda-1170-x-570-1024x499 A Tribute to Jean Batten - Hine O Te Rangi