Aotearoa – Our Home, Our Life

Aotearoa – Our Home, Our Life

An exhibition of John Miles Photography

Aotearoa – Our Home, Our Life showcases a collection of photographs by local artist, John Miles. It includes his favourite scenic images – beautiful landscapes, towering mountains, serene lakes, blue skies, charming wildlife – nature at its best, in Aotearoa, our home, our life.

Aotearoa – Our Home, Our Life will be on display from Friday 2 October until Tuesday 3 November 2020 at the Rotorua Lakes Council Galleria.

John describes himself as a life photographer – business life, family life, street life, natural life – Aotearoa life.  He says the drive behind him and his photography is to evoke positive emotions and memories that increase the wellbeing and happiness of those viewing his work.

John was born in the UK and has loved photography since he was a 12-year-old when he was given his first camera by his father and went on to set up a home darkroom. With the arrival of digital technology his photography really took off and after 25 years in IT, he gave up the corporate world and became a full-time professional photographer.

In 2012 he emigrated to New Zealand with his partner, Susan, landing in Hawke’s Bay where he soon built up a reputation as a fun, relaxed, documentary, wedding and commercial photographer.

Then three years ago, John and Susan (an artist and picture framer) purchased Portico Gallery in Rotorua and shifted up to the Bay of Plenty. 

Aotearoa – Our Home, Our Life is on display at the Rotorua Lakes Council Galleria (1061 Haupapa Street) from Friday 2 October until 3 November 2020. The Galleria is open weekdays (Monday – Friday) from 8am until 5pm.

Image: Mokoia Moonrise