ARTS MAD – 13TH March 2018

ARTS MAD – 13TH March 2018

artsMAD Tuesday 13th March  5.30pm – 7.30pm @ The Monarch Princes Gate
Short art talks to ignite and inspire

All welcome. Gold coin koha welcome.

People from a range of disciplines and interest areas (design, visual arts, performance, music, environment, community development, business and more) make presentations about the art of life, or their work, or what/who inspires them. It is a great  a opportunity to get together with others who are passionate about  a creative and vibrant Rotorua, and to connect about creative happenings.

The night runs along the lines of:
5.30pm to 6.00pm Cash bar  (eftpos available)

6pm to 7.15pm Speaking time

7.15pm to 7.30pm Notices and announcements

1.-Angie-Belcher--214x300 ARTS MAD - 13TH March 2018Angie Belcher
Writer, Researcher, Author and Educator
www.angiebelcherwriter.com or www.facebook.com/AngieBelcherNZWriter

Hamurana resident Angie Belcher has dabbled in most written art forms. Her published work ranges from children’s fiction and non-fiction, blogging and travel writing, poetry and prose and this year exploring the art of play-writing. An avid storyteller you’ll often see her in chicken costume ruffling a few feathers with her farmyard tales or using the art of storytelling to get across environmental messages. Her involvement in the arts has resulted in many unusual opportunities including being a window display during New Zealand Book Month, offered as a prize in a literary raffle and participating in a piece of living installation art during a Wellington Arts Festival.


sarjhada ARTS MAD - 13TH March 2018Sarj Hada
SARJ HADA was born and raised in Kathmandu Nepal, he was 19 years old he made the move to Sydney Australia, where is he studied, worked and discovered his passion for art.
After making the move to New Zealand in 2013 lots has happened; He is now married, has 2 dogs, bought a house in Rotorua, works as a head chef at Toi-ohomai and has just welcomed a baby boy last December, little Vincent Van Hada!

He is inspired by artists such as; Jackson Pollock, Van Gogh, Brett Whiteley, Arthur Boyd, De Kooning and many more…
He has experimented with lots of different media; black & white paintings, abstract colour, sculpture wood & bone. He has since picked up a new interest in Tattooing, lately practicing on pigskin & himself.

Bobby-Love--225x300 ARTS MAD - 13TH March 2018Bobby Love
Bobby is a multi-disciplinary Artist & Illustrator

A multi-disciplinary Artist & Illustrator confident with a variety of mediums from acrylic paint to digital illustration. Her work is currently featured in selected retail stores, tattoo parlours and galleries across New Zealand.

With a history of entrepreneurship alongside a Diploma in Art & Design and Creative Technologies. She can offer advice on branding, promotional material, relevant industry knowledge and creative direction. She has participated on judging panels and has an affinity for public speaking.

Based in the Bay of Plenty on the North Island of New Zealand, Bobby works with personal collectors and businesses for a variety of creative needs. Work ranges from small digital prints, large commission paintings to business cards and brand packages.

As a second generation conservationist she strives to communicate ethical business practices, sustainability and environmental awareness.
By using new and recycled materials to build hybrid art works with an exceptional attention to detail. All artworks are thoroughly researched and resolved to fit your brand or space cohesively and this may require discussion with the client or all interested bodies to determine how the artistic process should proceed.

Bobby is also Creative Student Recruitment Advisor at Animation College Rotorua.

BelindaManagh--169x300 ARTS MAD - 13TH March 2018Belinda Manage

I love life – yes I truly Love Life. Have I always? – the answer is sometimes. Over the past 10 years I have met, talked to, listened to and learnt from a wide array of people. Then applied what made me excited. What ever was going to get me closer to the positives I wanted in my life. I thank them every day and every day I work to pay it forward by teaching someone else. I love my work, inspiring someone else to choose a change that will bring about more positives in their lives.




Lizpearce-dollmaker7-300x200 ARTS MAD - 13TH March 2018Liz Pearce
Doll Maker

I make dolls as others paint or sculpt or write or weave or dance. Because it makes my soul sing. It gives me wings.

I am Liz Pearce and I make dolls, figurative sculptures, that reflect my life’s journey; my heart’s passion; my strongest beliefs; my true self.

I began making cloth dolls, art dolls, about 20 years ago. I was captivated and liberated by two American doll makers, Elinor Peace Bailey and Pamela Hastings. Both challenged the norms and encouraged me to use cloth doll making as a creative tool to becoming fully human. No rules. No restrictions.
I have no formal training. I simply allow the materials or the ideas or the patterns to invite me to play with them. Intuitive, transformative doll making like this is healing, life-changing.
Inspiration comes from everywhere!

I like to stimulate the creative flow with challenges, The Rainbow Connection where I set myself a half-hour to design a figure on an A6 piece of paper.
Diaspora where I created a fictional couple and made a doll a day for 100 days which revealed their family tree.

Occasionally I make commissions, or craft dolls for a special person. This is a very privileged time. I enter deeply into a time of reflection and receptivity.
Some of my dolls I create to raise funds for causes close to my heart:
CanTeen, Volunteer Firefighters, cancer support, reducing Domestic Violence.
I make dolls as others paint or sculpt or write or weave or dance. Because it makes my soul sing. It gives me wings.

annapilaar--300x225 ARTS MAD - 13TH March 2018Anna Pilaar

Anna has loved art all her life, whether it be music, painting, photography, drama, or dance.
She was homeschooled up until the age of 15 and was able to explore many artistic avenues during this time.
Anna began with cardboard violins and finger painting at age 4, and has since progressed to real wooden violins and painting canvases.
She is now lucky enough to be able to share her love for music through teaching, and has around 30 violin students in Rotorua.


darren-porter--300x300 ARTS MAD - 13TH March 2018Darren Porter
Product Designer / Handyman / Woodworker

Darren’s work draws from a varied background of interests in model making, woodworking, architecture, visual arts, music and technology. He is a typical Kiwi ‘Jack of all Trades’ fella with an evolving business which specialises in products and services for Early Childhood Education.
Darren works together with his wife Debby in their local business where they design and make wooden toys and puzzles along with doing special projects for Kindergartens and Preschool centres. Their focus is on providing a uniquely Kiwi style with products that reflect our culture and heritage.
Darren says he is a repentant ex-Aucklander (J.a.x.a.) who loves being in the Bay Of Plenty and is enjoying the friendly community atmosphere here which helps with being creative.
Darren and Debby have two young boys, Ethan and Isaac. They operate from a busy home based workshop and kitchen table.

davidremmerswaal--300x200 ARTS MAD - 13TH March 2018David Remmerswaal

Always too busy. David is well-travelled, having spent time in Europe, Asia and the Pacific. David enjoys the Rotorua outdoors, cooking, and attending live music shows, as well as spending time as a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters Rotorua. He is a senior member of local business Dubzz Digital Marketing, an award winning member of Toastmasters, an Outward Bound graduate and much more.