George-Andrews-212x300 ArtsMad
George Andrews

Bio: Christian, Grandad, Fishing, Sourdough, motorbikes, walking (not running any more) Potter, Sculptor, Foundry, Printing, Tutor, Noise. Shall wear white flannel trousers and walk upon the beach. Thanks T S.

Art: Motherwell, Eliot, Caro, Reitz, de Koning, Motherwell, Noguchi, Pollock, Hamada, Castle, Voulkos, Organic Abstraction and yes Motherwell again.

Book: The Hidden Order of Art. Anton Ehrenzweig.

Poet: T.S.Eliot. The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Above shows where I come from – 60’s and ‘70s


Duffy-Baker-200x300 ArtsMadDuffy Baker

Duffy Baker is a Rotorua musician. His influences are outsider music, garage, alt and indie rock/pop, grunge, punk, lounge and dub. Duffy has been in bands and composing songs since the 80’s and will give voice to a couple in his allotted 6mins at ArtsMad which is also NZ music month.
Spotify: Duffty Baker and the Cave Weta’s
www.mudpoolgroove.com   The Mud Pool Groove Website is a history of alternative music that had a lot of its roots in Rotorua run by Paul Tragilgas. (Strewth who would have thought there was such a thing!)





Kararaina BeckettKararaina-Beckett-237x300 ArtsMad

Kararaina has been involved with the arts for some years.  More so music and photography. A self taught guitarist, and  a singer who has been mentored by friends and whanau, including Rim DePaul and Diane Tibble.

She appreciates other musicians,  and enjoys being able to support  promotion of their craft,  through her photography.

Kararaina loves helping others and this  passion has also been shared while working in Mental Health and human rights advocacy – still advocating for trauma victims, she looks forward  to further collaboration  in the  development of  this work.




Jeff-Flitton-300x179 ArtsMadJeff Flitton 

Deb Rowles and Jeff Flitton have created a new entertainment experience bringing world-class immersive theatrical settings to engage and excite visitors- creating “indeliable moments in time”. They have drawn on their extensive experience in Film, Theatre and TV to create intimate spaces to transform you to other worlds, times and places.



Sulis-225x300 ArtsMadSulis

Sulis. That’s my name. I make things because it makes me happy. I am a twelve year old Etsy shop owner who makes things out of mainly polymer clay. I started to work with clay about 2 years ago. I have grown so much in my technique and have started an etsy shop called Wolves Den Studio. I have recently started working with UV resin and I love all crafts! I have been so inspired by so many people and get most of my inspiration from nature.






Sarah Lane & Andy Taylor

Sarah-Lane-and-Andy-Taylor-205x300 ArtsMad

Plenty Magazine began and remains the labour of love for a dedicated crew of local creatives headed by Sarah Lane and Andy Taylor. Since their first issue in 2016, the publication has grown to cover the whole of the Bay of Plenty, its content has been picked up by

national and international media, and it has created a unique voice that tells the real stories of the Bay, proudly swimming against the current of cut and paste journalism and advertorial.





Sky Smale

Sky-Smale-225x300 ArtsMad

Kia ora,
Ko Sky Smale taku ingoa.

I left Rotorua as a youth to train in the visual arts and early childhood education at Massey and Victoria universities respectively. I returned when – after working with children in the Capital – I had my son. Since that time, I have found great personal benefit from the daily practise of ‘artistic observation’, which I would love to share!




Liz Carrington 

I’m a midlander from the UK. Our family  moved to Rotorua 13 years ago.
I’m a creative sort, at home, theatre, and at work.

Liz-Carrington-225x300 ArtsMadHome- busy. married to Neil for 27 years, 4 daughters, 2 dogs, 2 chickens. Love to draw, be creative!

Theatre- busy, love being President of Shambles – Rotorua Little Theatre Society, it is a total honour and privilege. Have really enjoyed seeing the theatre grow in strength and creativity. I love performance.

Work – busy, mental health nurse educator, neuroscience fanatic, and a clinician.

I think our community is amazing. In addition to theatre I’m involved in Roots of Empathy, Te Ao Marama senior and youth choirs, John Paul College, New Zealand Aria Trust, and teaching and education across multiple government and community agencies.

Loves and Beliefs: Family and friends, healing connections, and the power there is  in the magic that happens when people connect. Music,movement and laughter makes your hearts and brain sing.

Love one another.