ArtsMAD – 8th November 2017

ArtsMAD – 8th November 2017

ArtsMAD-poster-Nov-8 ArtsMAD - 8th November 2017

artsMAD Wednesday 8th November  5.30pm -7.30pm @ The Arts Village
Short talks to ignite and inspire

People from a range of disciplines and interest areas (design, visual arts, performance, music, environment, community development, business and more) make slide /talk  presentations about  the art of life, or their work, or what / who inspires them. It is a great  an opportunity to get together with others who are passionate about  a creative and vibrant Rotorua, and to connect about creative happenings.

The night runs along the lines of:
5.30-6.00pm Nibbles and drinks provided
6.00 -7.00pm Speaking time
7.00-7.15pm  Notices and announcements
7.30pm  Evening closes by 7.30pm.


 Sarah Uhl
A coffee maker and ramblings about the environment. Visit https://www.facebook.com/saynotoplasticrotorua

Richard Rugg, Theatre 
Richard Rugg grew up loving movies of the 70’s and 80’s.  This led him to explore filmmaking and film acting, which was rather a backwards journey into a life in theatre, and a subsequent love of storytelling in its many forms. Experiencing a story, whether reading it, watching it, litstening to it, or playing it is his favourite form of relaxation, and the best “work” in the world is actively engaging an audience in stories.

Sophie Perry,  Visual Arts
Sophie came to New Zealand in 2015, initially for work and travel. She settled in Rotorua a month later and started volunteering for The Arts Village, “I have never felt so at home, The Arts Village is a truely inspiring place filled with equally inspiring people.”  Sophie had the pleasure of working alongside artists from all different walks of life, but what they all share in is their passion and strength. This has given her the courage to practice her own art again. A journey she would like to share with you.

Darryl Church, Architect of Transformation
Darryl Church is the Studio Director at DCA Architects of Transformation. Over 21 years, the firm has been responsible for many award winning designs throughout New Zealand. Darryl’s designs are often conceived from a unique narrative. Context, environment, art, culture, history and story-telling are strong drivers behind many of the designs. DCA have a strong belief, the built environment, done right, has the power to transform people’s lives for the better. DCA Architects of Transformation, visit www.dcaarchitects.co.nz

Rā Apanui,  Musician/Songwriter 
Ra was born into this world a dancer and she followed this through her life passionately as a performer in multiple dance styles. 2 years ago her life took an interesting turn after she broke her foot at a meditation retreat. Feeling frustrated by not being able to dance, she thought learning to play the ukulele might help her through the healing process. 2 weeks later she was playing and singing at her first open mic night. Songwriting soon followed along with performances at multiple New Zealand Festivals. In 2017 she accepted an invitation to the The World Culture Festival in India where she had the honour of singing in Te Reo Maori to an audience of 4 million people. Much like the sun, Rā’s presence is warm and inviting. Her voice echoes deep into the soul as she draws you into her heart, life and culture.

Derk Scheppers,  Visual Artist
My creating life—Back in my younger life  I liked to draw and colour in, nearly 55 years  later I copied a painting of my father, who was a very good painter. I copied his work 650-400 onto a canvas 300-150, in acrylic, and it was very good.Since then it became a roller coaster of creativity. Painted Rembrad’s self portrait on a 700-800, I very much like a challenge.

Modern art I do like if there is a beautiful colour balance and or something recognisable. A 2 yr dry period came, then I looked at an old fasion plastic U shaped draw handle, I imagined the draws in perspective behind it painted, and this was the start of many other different pieces which recently exhibited at The Arts Village. Did not sell any of these works although people were excited about it, so I gave them to friends and teachers/pupils at the school where I teach woodwork. At least I made people happy. Now onto something different again, I am only 76 alot more years of creating something beautiful to come.

Jacinta Landon, Dance Artist
Jacinta Landon, grew up in Rotorua, however now resides in England,  she is at present back in Rotorua. Qualified professional in Commercial Dance, Jacinta Landon is principal teacher and director of ELEVATE Dance Company in Salisbury U.K. ELEVATE provides Street Dance/Hip Hop classes, technical classes, workshops and entertainment to Salisbury and the South West of the U.K. Supporting people of all ages passionate about dance. Visit www.starnow.co.nz/jacintalandon,  elevatedance.co.uk, www.instagram.com/elevatedanceuk or  www.facebook.com/ElevateStreetDanceStudio