ArtsMad Tuesday 10 November 2020

ArtsMad Tuesday 10 November 2020


Quick-fire talks from the arts community

ArtsMad is a visual presentation evening that takes place four times a year, where people from the wider arts community talk about what they do alongside a rolling show reel of interesting images.

The evening takes place at The Monarch Room at Prince’s Gate Hotel and explores all areas of the arts… and more. You will hear passionate and inspirational talks from members of our community delivering a veritable roller-coaster rise on a variety of topics.

Featuring up to eight speakers who each have 20 images and only 6 minutes to present them. It’s guaranteed to be a fast-paced, engaging experience!

It is a great opportunity to get together with others who are passionate about a creative and vibrant Rotorua, and to connect about creative happenings in this event for all ages.

Entry is a gold coin koha. Nibbles are provided with cash bar available.

Tuesday 10 November 2020, 5.30pm – 7.30pm

Monarch Room, Prince’s Gate Hotel, Rotorua


Carolyn-Compton-224x300 ArtsMad Tuesday 10 November 2020Carolyn  Compton

Kia ora. My name is Carolyn Compton. I grew up in Sydney and moved to New Zealand in 2012. 

This year I made the decision to become a citizen. I paint and teach art at RGHS.

My work in painting is closely tied to my work as an educator and I use my paintings as references for my students. I paint the issues and themes that are in my life at a given time. At the moment, I am painting the girls from the winning Raukura group. I live with my husband and am mum to two 13 year old boys at Lake Ōkareka. I try to participate in at least one group exhibition in a year. I like the idea of painting people’s familiars, birds or animals




Sarah-Dewes-200x300 ArtsMad Tuesday 10 November 2020Sarah Dewes 

Sarah is interested in progressing the conversation we have about death and dying in Rotorua and Aotearoa so  we can better support each other at the end of life. She is part of a local not-for-profit group called Compassionate Communities Rotorua – Te Atawhai Aroha which is seeking to establish a natural burial site locally so we have a more environmentally friendly choice about what happens to our bodies once we die.

Asking what you want done with your body afterwards is a great way to start talking about death and dying…

Follow on Facebook: Compassionate Communities Rotorua – Te Atawhai Aroha




Jane-Matua-200x300 ArtsMad Tuesday 10 November 2020Jane Johnson-Matua  

Jane Johnson-Matua (Te Arawa, Te Whakatohea, Te Rarawa)

Local Rotorua artist Jane Johnson-Matua expresses her ideas through a diverse range of mixed-media. 

Her unconventional art practices involve the use of the forgotten, unwanted, and discarded objects.

Jane delivers a glimpse of art spanning four years.

Visit the website: www.janejohnson-matua.simplesite.com




Mark-McGregor-e1603927203497-300x225 ArtsMad Tuesday 10 November 2020Mark McGregor

Who am I, I’m Mark McGregor apparently I’m an artist.

Never thought about myself as an artist until I wrote this. 

I’m jack of many things, jobs included father, farmer, truckie, hotel porter, waiter, dishie, shower screen installer, activity co-ordinator, furniture removalist, party animal, but my favourite thing to do is create a space and host an event. 

So thats the art in me. I see a space, I see potential for an event. My Mum showed me an old shoe shop I saw Art United.

I’m bridging the gaps between photography, painting, tattoos, hospitality and private functions. And any suggestions I can run with.

Follow on Facebook: Art United Rotorua


Philip-Millichamp-207x300 ArtsMad Tuesday 10 November 2020Philip Millichamp

Philip Millichamp would like to call himself a ‘woodworker’. He’s played with wood most of his 59 years but he earns a living as an Environmental Engineer. He has a collection of tools, many of them hand tools. He works slowly and believes his best pieces are the ones made by hand rather than his machines. His biggest thrill is when people say they like his objects. He might commit one day. Meanwhile, he’ll keep playing.






Miriam-Odlin-300x169 ArtsMad Tuesday 10 November 2020Miriam Odlin

Miriam is a bike-nutter and tree-hugger who quit her engineering job to pursue a divine passion – coffee. She has learned that there is a lot more to coffee than Starbucks lets on.  She now roasts coffee in Mourea (the village of the future) and can be seen peddling her low-carbon legal highs (in the form of beans and ground coffee) to Rotorua residents and businesses on her iconic green cargo bike. 

Visit the website: moureacoffee.co.nz


Stephen-Parker-204x300 ArtsMad Tuesday 10 November 2020Stephen Parker 

Stephen Parker has been taking pictures professionally in and around Rotorua for the past 25 years.

He enjoys the variety and creativity of the job and over the years has picked up a series of awards.

The former newspaper photographer has just started out on his own and Steve is looking forward to continuing to work with locals in the community.

Visit the website: stephenparker.co.nz




Brett-Taylor-photo-courtesy-of-Plenty-Magazine-273x300 ArtsMad Tuesday 10 November 2020Brett Taylor 

Quote from the artist “ Talent? mmm! I think maybe it is just the latent effect of repetition. “

As featured in Plenty Magazine, March 2020 https://issuu.com/plenty.co.nz/docs/plenty-17-2020-march-web/s/10309004

Visit the website: www.bretttaylorart.com

Visit the website: www.aesthete.co.nz/brett-taylor.html