ArtsMad Tuesday 18 August 2020 Virtual Event

ArtsMad Tuesday 18 August 2020 Virtual Event

Quick-fire talks from the arts community

ArtsMad is a visual presentation evening that takes place four times a year, where people from the wider arts community talk about what they do alongside a rolling show reel of interesting images.

The evening takes place online via Creative Rotorua Facebook page and explores all areas of the arts… and more. You will hear passionate and inspirational talks from members of our community delivering a veritable roller-coaster rise on a variety of topics.

Featuring up to eight speakers who each have 20 images and only 6 minutes to present them. It’s guaranteed to be a fast-paced, engaging experience!

It is a great opportunity to get together with others who are passionate about a creative and vibrant Rotorua, and to connect about creative happenings in this event for all ages.

Live online via Creative Rotorua Facebook page, 6pm start.

Michael Barker

Michael-Barker-300x170 ArtsMad Tuesday 18 August 2020 Virtual EventMichael Barker was born 1966 in Rotorua NZ and began drumming aged 10 playing in garage/cover bands until 1985 when he moved to Melbourne Australia to commence orchestral percussion studies at Box Hill College of TAFE and The Victorian College of The Arts. 

Michael’s unique drum and percussion style has seen him record and tour with prominent contemporary recording artists such as – The John Butler Trio, Neil and Tim Finn respectively, Split Enz, Dave Dobbyn, Bic Runga, The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Tap Dogs, Cats, Jerry’s Girls, Evita,Toni Childs, Kasey Chambers, Missy Higgins, Alex Lloyd, Vika and Linda Bull, The Black Sorrows, Deborah Conway, Christine Anu, Big Pig, David Bridie and My Friend The Chocolate Cake.

A songwriter/composer and singer in his own rite Michael plays in his own band Swamp Thing plus performs solo shows as a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter.

Claire-Delany-225x300 ArtsMad Tuesday 18 August 2020 Virtual EventClaire Delaney

Claire Delaney is a visual story-teller who lives with her partner Glenn in Rotorua, New Zealand. Her work is often described as whimsical and playful, probably because she takes inspiration from the circus that is her life. She spends her days as a full time illustrator and writer. She has published several award-winning books. Her most recent book, The Isolated Illustrator, is a project dear to her heart documenting her emotions and feelings throughout the lockdown period of Covid-19 2020.  

Website: www.clairedelaney.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/clairedelaneyartist

Instagram: www.instagram.com/clairedelaneyillustratorartist

Angela Frank with Jamie Pickernell

Angela-Frank-300x280 ArtsMad Tuesday 18 August 2020 Virtual Event

Angela Frank is a local poet who has been coordinating Arts events in Rotorua for the past seven years.

With poetry a developing passion, most of these events have had a literary focus. 

As an ArtsMad presenter, she will be sharing some of her poetry in collaboration with local musician, Jamie Pickernell.

Jamie is a sculptor and musician, same stuff just different mediums and tools. To create is one of life‘s great joys and privileges. It’s what gets me up in the morning.

I’ve always wanted to collaborate with a poet, co creation is always challenging and rewarding. Music and poetry are like to sides of a coin and performed live…. all that matters is the moment.



Jamie-Pickernell-300x225 ArtsMad Tuesday 18 August 2020 Virtual Event








Kylie-Lang-259x300 ArtsMad Tuesday 18 August 2020 Virtual EventKylie Lang

I’m Kylie Lang and in October 2017, I started my business called Wholly Chocomole after I realized that what I enjoy doing most in life is being in the kitchen. I love creating delicious food from scratch and decided to focus on raw slices, cakes and energy balls. Nearly three years later, it’s still going strong and I love having a business that is all about creating beautiful looking slices and cakes and designing new flavours and looks. 

Website: www.whollychocomole.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/whollychocomole

Instagram: www.instagram.com/wholly_chocomole



Lucia-Lemos-194x300 ArtsMad Tuesday 18 August 2020 Virtual EventLucia Lemos

As destiny’s gift, I was blessed by being born in one of the most exotic and unique places of the world, the Pantanal. Surrounded by color and movement provided by nature I grew an eye for colors, details, and synergy.  My incursion to the creative realm started in fashion design where I had created a large collection for a self owned brand and collaborations. Moreover, I step foot in the marketing universe, executing different projects in Brazil and New Zealand.

Website : www.llart.store








Tom-E-Moffatt-261x300 ArtsMad Tuesday 18 August 2020 Virtual EventTom-E-Moffat-2-248x300 ArtsMad Tuesday 18 August 2020 Virtual Event

Tom E. Moffatt 

Tom E. Moffatt is an author of children’s literature and laughter. His first book, Barking Mad, won the Tom Fitzgibbon award and was published by Scholastic in August 2016.

He has since written several books, many humorous short stories and almost a thousand original jokes. He lives in Rotorua with his wife and three young daughters, none of whom find him very funny.

Website: www.TomEMoffatt.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TomEMoffatt

Instagram: www.instagram.com/writelaugh


Trish-de-Muth-225x300 ArtsMad Tuesday 18 August 2020 Virtual Event

Trish de Muth

I have always drawn and painted and been interested in trying every type of art. After raising my children, I got a diploma in art then followed that with a teaching degree, as that’s a more reliable way of making a living as an artist. Later in my career I decided to do a Masters in Fine Art, not so much because I wanted the qualification, but because I loved being extended to work outside my comfort level. Working to a deadline has always been the best motivation for me to create art so I got quite a lot done then! However, I won’t be talking about that at the August ArtsMAD!  






Harm-Zudimeer-225x300 ArtsMad Tuesday 18 August 2020 Virtual EventHarm Zudimeer

Studio ZEDD – Creating functional paces from inside-out. A dwelling as a piece of liveable furniture.

Dancing Moose Bicycle Adventure Supplies – Designer and maker of storage solutions for self-propelled adventurers.
Cabinetmaker and general tinkerer – Add value, create with passion.
Husband, dad – Explore, Experience, Respect, Enjoy.

Website: www.dancingmoose.nz

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DancingMooseCycleAdventureSupplies

Facebook: www.facebook.com/big.little.tow