ArtsMAD Tuesday 8th May 2018

ArtsMAD Tuesday 8th May 2018

Capture-213x300 ArtsMAD Tuesday 8th May 2018artsMAD Tuesday 8th May 2018

Time: 5.30pm – 7.30pm

Venue: The Monarch Room, Prince’s Gate, 1057 Arawa St, Rotorua 

Short art talks to ignite and inspire

All welcome. Gold coin koha welcome.

People from a range of disciplines and interest areas (design, visual arts, performance, music, environment, community development, business and more) make presentations about the art of life, or their work, or what/who inspires them. It is a great a opportunity to get together with others who are passionate about  a creative and vibrant Rotorua, and to connect about creative happenings.

The night runs along the lines of:

5.30pm to 6.00pm Cash bar  (eftpos available)

6pm to 7.15pm Speaking time

7.15pm to 7.30pm Notices and announcements.

marilyn ArtsMAD Tuesday 8th May 2018Marilyn Stevenson
Mosaic Artist,  Teacher

Website: www.marilynsmozaics.weebly.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Marilyns-Mozaics-Mosaic-Classes-294775563904294

Marilyn is a self-taught mosaic artist/teacher. Mosaics have always fascinated Marilyn and when an opportunity arose to give it a try she jumped at it. 6 years on she holds successful classes, has completed many commissioned pieces and looks forward to the next chapter using different mediums to keep her love and interest alive for herself and for others.


ra-169x300 ArtsMAD Tuesday 8th May 2018Rā Apanui
Songwriter,  Musician

Rā was born into this world a dancer and she followed this through her life passionately as a performer in multiple dance styles. 2 years ago her life took an interesting turn after she broke her foot at a meditation retreat. Feeling frustrated by not being able to dance, she thought learning to play the ukulele might help her through the healing process. 2 weeks later she was playing and singing at her first open mic night. Songwriting soon followed along with performances at multiple New Zealand Festivals. In 2017 she accepted an invitation to the The World Culture Festival in India where she had the honour of singing in Te Reo Māori to an audience of 4 million people. Much like the sun, Rā’s presence is warm and inviting. Her voice echoes deep into the soul as she draws you into her heart, life and culture. The journey is heart melting, ear tingling and delivered from a place of love.




toni-200x300 ArtsMAD Tuesday 8th May 2018Toni  Armstrong
Figurative Artist

Website: www.toni-armstrong.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/toniarmstrongart

Instagram: www.instagram.com/toniartstrong

Toni Armstrong is a figurative artist, whose paintings have emotional and expressionistic overtones. She works in a number of media including oils, acrylic and pastel. Recently selected for the Adams Portraiture award and The Rotorua Museum Award, Toni is an emerging artist making her presence felt in the local art scene.



maggie-300x281 ArtsMAD Tuesday 8th May 2018Maggie Covell  
Visual Artist

Facebook: www.facebook.com/nzartmaggiecovell

Instagram: www.instagram.com/maggie.covell.art

My style is based around the graphic lines of American Pop art/ Ukiyo-e Pop, and Victorian illustrator Aubrey Beardsley. My practice is also concerned with the image of Women and how this is portrayed within the mass media specifically, the assimilation into commodity-sign. I am equally interested in the democratization of art and questioning the spaces to which art is viewed. Therefore, I work across different mediums and scales.



heather-278x300 ArtsMAD Tuesday 8th May 2018Heather Kremen
Glass Blower

Website: www.amokuraglass.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/amokuraglass

Born in the USA and raised both there and in Dunedin, NZ Heather fell in love with glass after her first glass blowing class in 2007. Moving to Minnesota for college, Heather apprenticed at a local glass studio, before leaving to study abroad in Tokyo. Returning to the USA in 2010, she spent the next 7 years working and taking classes all across the country. In each place, Heather learned different glass techniques which she uses in her work. In 2017, Heather decided to move back to New Zealand and take over the glass studio, De Flute Glass, in Rotorua.



lee-200x300 ArtsMAD Tuesday 8th May 2018Lee McKenzie




My name is Lee McKenzie & I am a 25 year old musician. Guitar is my first instrument: I have been playing for 15 years and I am also a singer, writer & audio engineer.

I record/produce my own material using the software Pro Tools & small collection of quality microphones.

My portable recording rig is available to help other artists capture & develop their work as well.

I have completed a Diploma in music production & performance with high grades, achieving the APRA award for songwriting.
I am currently an instrument teacher working for The Lakes Performing Arts Company on Hinemoa St.

Outside of musical interests I enjoy martial arts & aviation.
I am a long standing student of Tai Chi & have a background in Karate. The ways of thinking which these practices encourage has no doubt helped craft my perception of the world & my path in life. I have also always loved flying & am currently chipping slowly away at obtaining my pilots license.

I’m always on the go as I passionately strive to embrace & perpetuate a diverse, imaginative lifestyle.

alex-e1525055987388-225x300 ArtsMAD Tuesday 8th May 2018Alex  Smith
From AVC  – The Arts Village Cafe



I love food… it’s creation and ultimate joyful destruction.  An amateur cook for most of my life until recently when I gained qualifications at Toi Ohomai.  I worked briefly as a chef around Rotorua cooking other people’s food but found this experience like playing in a B grade covers band.  I needed my own place to create, express and dream.




michael-300x200 ArtsMAD Tuesday 8th May 2018Michael Staite
Mixed Media Artist
Michael Staite is a mixed media Māori artist born and bred in Rotorua. Michael is passionate about the people, the land, and the environment, utilising art as the platform to express his truth on issues of personal and cultural importance.

I am the Earth, the sky and everything in between.
Connected to all there is, nothing more, nothing less.
I am Indigenous.
I am Maori

Born in 1975 Michael lives and works in Rotorua, New Zealand. Michael links wairua (spirit) with mind to create art pieces which bring about healing, consciousness and empowerment. He is a political artist but sets his work upon a spiritual foundation. Mostly known for his Ko Wai Au designs, which are a reminder that we are connected to all there is, and relates to the truth of an individual and questions one’s purpose. The Ko Wai Au designs symbolise the journey of a soul and the many layers a soul possesses in regards to knowledge and wisdom. Everything stems from intent and our soul’s purpose is to experience, learn and grow.

“When you follow your heart you honour you truth, and when you honour your truth, you honour your soul.”