Call for Artists/Designers/Creatives

Call for Artists/Designers/Creatives



Rotorua Lakes Council (RLC) is seeking proposals from the creative sector for the decoration of Rotorua’s city Christmas tree, due for installation in Te Manawa  mid November 2020.
PROJECT PURPOSE: Create a fresh new look for the tree Highlight identity of Rotorua and Aotearoa through creative art channels To create works that are engaging, transformational and dynamic The opportunity to support a local artist/s in a public space

SCOPE: Artists/creative practitioners must work within budget and timeframe Work must be designed and created to last a minimum of three years It may be a completely new look, or one that utilises and works in with some of the existing decorations and base of green ‘tinsel’ Tree dimensions – see attached doc. 1


Robust all-weather materials must be used

Public safety – safe to touch decorations on lower branches

Tamper-proof and the ability to be well secured Reflect a “Kiwi Christmas” – theme to fit with Aotearoa (rather than a European winter one)

Decorations to suit larger scale (nothing smaller than 300mm and up to 1000mm)

Must have strong visual appeal  in daylight hours (main viewing time)

You are working with a flat conical surface, so difficult to have ‘free hanging’ decorations

Lighting the tree is not part of the proposal as existing strands of warm white lights will be used

Further guidance around practical considerations contact Mandy Godo Email: mandy.godo@rotorualc.nz

tree-683x1024 Call for Artists/Designers/Creatives
tree-2 Call for Artists/Designers/Creatives

Proposal issued:                                              Monday 25th May 2020
Submissions close:                                          Monday 24th August 2020
Notification to selected artist/s                     Monday 31st August 2020
Delivery of decorations                                  Monday 9th November 2020
Timeframes are to fit with the installation and decoration of the tree, which takes place late November, at Te Manawa (formerly known as City Focus), intersection of Tūtānekai and Hinemoa Streets.  
BUDGET: (includes design, materials and creation of decorations) 
$8,000 excl GST

Installation and pack down cost is the responsibility of RLC.

Please include:

A written concept

Confirmation of ability to work to the specified time schedule

Concept drawings scaled and presented as required to convey the concept  

Up to 7 digital images per artist/artist team, saved as 72 DPI jpegs Submissions in Word or PDF format, with a total file size no larger than 2mb

An indication of breakdown of costs Curriculum vitae (CV) of the individual artists  

All parties need to be satisfied that the proposal is achievable within the timeframe and budget available.
Please note that RLC also reserves the right to accept some, one or none of the concepts.
Please send proposals to:
Email: mandy.godo@rotorualc.nz
Attention: Mandy Godo, Project Manager Arts and Culture, Rotorua Lakes Council, Private Bag 3029, Rotorua Mail Centre, Rotorua 3046, New Zealand