Feel the fear and do it anyway!

HArcourts with the Stars dancing couple Helen and Wetini

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

By Helen English

Feel the fear and do it anyway! I think that when I say this, it is in response to what I have already decided to do, rather than in an effort to persuade myself to do something.  I also think that there are things which I am prepared to feel scared about and do, and then others which wild horses couldn’t drag me into despite their best efforts.  Amongst the things which I wouldn’t do are jumping off anything high, even if attached to a bungy or expert parachutist, run with the bulls, watch a horror movie…  No, really, and the list does go on.

So, if you were wondering, this Saturday is the day for ‘doing it anyway!’ I will step up, along with ten other couples, and dance in front of two thousand people at Harcourts Dancing with the Stars.  Currently I have an equal mixture of absolute excitement and sheer terror welling up inside of me.  Excitement because it’s a wonderful opportunity, to which I said yes, clearly, and terror of doing something idiotic in front of a lot of people, enough of whom I know.

The scariest thing in life is often being in a situation where others can judge what you have done. I love the arts but they all tend to get you into this type of position!  However, as Stephen King so eloquently said, “the scariest moment is always just before you start.”

So I say bring on the antidote and let’s start!