Kiwi Icons

10.-Kiwi-Icons-2-1024x683 Kiwi Icons

Artwork Name: Kiwi Icons

Artist Name: Jonny4Higher

Location: 1286 Eruera Street

Medium: Painted mural

Street artist Jonny4Higher’s mural is an ideal glimpse for tourists into Kiwiana.

Featuring vibrant snapshots of different aspects of kiwi life; from hokey pokey ice cream to rugby, and the iconic pōhutukawa to a geothermal landscape. Jonny has captured recognisable aspects of Kiwi culture which delight both locals and visitors alike.

An ideal glimpse into Kiwiana for tourists! Vibrant and iconic aspects of kiwi life are portrayed is this colourful mural.

10.-Kiwi-Icons-1024x768 Kiwi Icons

Credit: Jonny 4Higher, Kiwi Icons.

About the artist: After a start in graffiti, Jonny 4Higher is now a full-time freelance mural artist with over twenty years professional experience. Based in Auckland, Jonny regularly travels throughout the country painting a range of artworks.

His work is also featured overseas in Hong Kong, Thailand, China, England, Europe, USA, Australia and the Cook Islands.