Pūkeko & Fish

19.-Transformer-Pukeko-Fish-2-1024x683 Pūkeko & Fish

Artwork Name: Pūkeko & Fish

Artist Name: Chris Newman

Location: Corner of Hinemoa and Tūtānekai Streets

Medium: Painted transformer

This transformer was painted by Chris Newman with a series of snorkelling and scuba diving pukeko – a humorous and easily recognisable native bird.

The pukeko are looking at the trout in smart attire and aim to share the message about keeping our waterways clear and clean for future generations.

Credit: Chris Newman, Pūkeko & Fish, 2014. Rotorua transformer

About the artist: Born and raised in Rotorua, Noomz has always “had a heart for art” as has his whole family. He and his sister Jessica feature on many of the Chorus boxes around town.

He began painting pictures of his friends cars and this progressed to pets, tattoo designs and then random imagery that popped into his head. Newman is a firm believer that cities should be galleries and that we can all draw.