Marc’s Blog: Got the back-to-work blues?

Marc’s Blog: Got the back-to-work blues?

Back-to-work blues. This is certain to be a common condition around the country over the next few weeks as people begin to slowly trickle back from their holidays.

Symptoms may include, but are not limited to, feeling disoriented and irritable, with headaches and general malaise. Not nice at all.

This affliction could also be considered a full blown version of the dreaded ‘Mondayitis’, suffered weekly by so many of us in the Western world.

The quest for Mondayitis cures has been on-going for millennia, and a quick Google offers a myriad of creative suggestions including: Don’t work, start Tuesday, sugary drinks, work seven days, or even … ‘leave the country.’

Read various websites about how to combat these “Monday Blues” and you’ll find pretty much the same advice in all of them: Get extra sleep Sunday night. Give yourself a jolt of cold water in your Monday morning shower, and have coffee, yes, lots of coffee.

NZ workplace psychology expert Helena Cooper Thomas says people returning to work should continue to make the most of the good weather and make time for activities they enjoy, such as exercise, hobbies, gardening or music. Ease back into work if possible.

Sage advice – and all the more reason for us to shoot up to the Blue Lake on our lunch breaks this past week to absorb and be recharged by our summer paradise.

Keep in mind too, when looking for creative Mondayitis remedies, one should consider creativity itself.

Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (yes, correct spelling) reminds us that our capacity to “create” is where we begin to live more fully, experience transformation, and truly heal. Expression through art making, music, song, movement, writing, and other forms of art are central to the reason why creativity is a wellness practice.

So go make something, he suggests, and be well.

Turns out, there is also a strong movement to turn Mondayitis into Fundayitiis, so let’s always welcome a little light diversion.

Last weekend, for example, a good friend and elderly neighbour Brian popped in for a visit after returning from holiday up North.

He tells me that he called into a sports club up there and bumped into the artist Vincent van Gogh leaning on the bar.

‘Can I buy you a drink, my friend?’ Brian asked his famous company.

‘No, it’s ok’, replied Vincent, reaching for a glass, ‘I’ve got one ‘ere.’

Crikey, I thought. But before I could reply, I noted a sudden serious look on his face.

‘Marc,’ he almost whispered, leaning closer, ‘I’ve just discovered that I am indeed the grandson of Thor, Norse God of thunder and lightning.’

“Wow’, I replied in amazement, ‘that’s extraordinary!’

“Fortunately’, he added, ‘I am also the favourite grandson of Thor. Following the stormy weather last weekend we got together for a little family chat, and hence this beautiful burst of summer sunshine. Job’s right.’

Nice one Brian. This confirmed two things for me. Firstly, that we have a lot of colour in our community and secondly, now that we’ve got the weather properly sorted the rest of our summer will be quite magnificent.