Rotorua Public Art Trail

As you explore Rotorua, well known for its bubbling mud pools, natural hot springs and beautiful lakes, you discover there’s much more to this fascinating city. One thing that stands out is our unique public art collection, which acknowledges and celebrates our heritage, individuality, stories and aspirations.


Rotorua is on a journey of rejuvenation and discovery, using local art to bring life back into the heart of the city. Started back in the late 19th century the public art collection has been used to tell local stories for decades. Today these art works take many different forms and use a vast array of media. You’ll find them down alleyways, disguised as fence posts, gracing the walls of buildings or in plain sight for everyone to see.


Enjoy exploring Rotorua’s art trail and see the city from a different perspective. The pathway runs from Kuirau Park along ‘The Green Corridor’ to Government Gardens and around Sulphur Point. With many different stops and detours the trail is just as easy to walk as cycle.


The highlights tour features ten works across the city but over 50 are marked on the map so there are plenty more to see.

rotorua-public-art-trail-cover-300x636 Rotorua Public Art Trail
rotorua-public-art-trail-map-1191x842 Rotorua Public Art Trail