Invitation to Rotorua NZ Music Month 2018 EXPO Day

NZ Music Month events in Rotorua

Invitation to Rotorua NZ Music Month 2018 EXPO Day

This is an invitation to all music related societies, groups, institutions, music schools or clubs to join Rotorua NZ Music Month 2018 on the 19th of May for an EXPO day.

We want to showcase what you do and we welcome you to host your own information booth, workshop or talk. The aim is to get more people finding out what you do, how you did it, how to get in touch with you and how to subscribe or attend your events.

This EXPO is open to the general public from 10am on Saturday, 19th of May.

What we can provide:

– A table and chairs

– Amplification & podium

– Projector & screen

Information booths must be set up on Friday, 18th May. There is no cost involved.

Talks will start from 10am on the 19th with dedicated 15/30/45 mins slots for each speaker.

Talks are held in the main room and the information booths/tables will be set up in an adjacent room.

Address of the EXPO is Prince’s Gate Hotel, Monarch Room (entrance on Hinemaru St).

Please email Karin Vincent at theroguestage@gmail.com to book your booth/table and/or slot to give a talk. It is very important to get this information as soon as possible to organise the day, no later than 4th of May.