Sandy Shells – An exhibition of original works by Mindplus students

Sandy Shells – An exhibition of original works by Mindplus students

Come and view this special exhibition of student artwork from Rotorua’s MindPlus programme on display at Rotorua Lakes Council Galleria.

The exhibition showcases the shells they painted alongside artists Tony Pope and Stephen Arthur and will be on display from Monday 13 August until Friday 2 November 2018.

MindPlus is a once a week programme for academically and creatively gifted students which is part of the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education (NZCGE). This nationwide organisation works to meet the needs of gifted children, their teachers and families and is a charitable organisation that raises all of its funding through grants, sponsors and donations.

The students attend their own school four days a week and come to MindPlus on the other day. Currently MindPlus has three Rotorua classes catering for students from year 3 to year 8 from 12 different Rotorua schools. The programme provides extra challenge and opportunities to work with others of like-mind, to develop the children’s strengths and talents, as well as learning how to manage the needs and difficulties associated with being a gifted learner.

Each year the students work with art tutors to complete an art project and to help develop the children’s creativity. In 2018 the students made artworks using acrylic paints with Tony Pope and Stephen Arthur. All of the children learned about using different brush strokes, how to select their colours, and using paint to create an illusion of three dimensions and texture.

MindPlus would like to thanks to Tony and Stephen for their wonderful support while working with the students, and Rotorua Lakes Council for their enthusiasm and support in providing an authentic audience for the students’ work.

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