The Art of the Pose

A person standing in front of the Rotorua Museum in the Government Gardens Rotorua

The Art of the Pose

Although recent changes to the Weekender have meant the end of my regular weekly contribution, I’ll still enjoy the odd opportunity to share snippets from the creative world.

It certainly is a funny old world.

Take a walk through the Government gardens on a picture perfect day, and you’ll encounter tangles of tourists targeting our museum with smart phone cameras.

Last week as I wandered past, a young Asian lady approached. Smiling, she held up her cell phone uttering words to the effect of ‘please.’ Fairly obviously, she wanted me to take her photograph.

“No problem” I replied, preparing to receive further instructions. She pointed to the shutter button, handed me the phone then darted over to the band rotunda to strike a most considered, elegant pose. I got the dream shot.

“Here you go”, I grinned, offering her camera back – mission now completed.

Surprisingly, she shook her head, held up an open–faced hand and an instant later hovered in front of a nearby fountain offering another pose filled with flamboyancy.

“Sure”, I chuckled to myself, “let’s get a couple more snaps.”

For several minutes, I clicked the camera with all the prowess I could muster, struggling to keep pace as the young lady in the flowing red dress struck various poses laden with drama, intensity and playfulness.

Indeed, I was the paparazzi and our visiting friend was the celebrated superstar – just for the moment.

Finally, at some point I managed to offload the phone and, sharing a smile, we both resumed our day.